SSE Groups

Lotus Group
Group 1 & 2
Group 3 & 4

Lotus Group

Lotus Group classes are for children currently in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten; ages 3 to 6.

We have simple lessons with a focus on a loving God, developing good habits, and character building.  A value-based group with active parent participation.

Our classes include Bhajans, Prayers, Picture stories, Activities, Snack and loads of fun!

NOTE: One parent is expected to accompany the child until they are comfortable attending class by themselves.

Group 1 & 2

Group 1 and 2 lessons build a strong foundation to enable the blossoming of human excellence and a God-oriented life.

Classes include:

  • Stories focused on human values encompassing contemporary and past themes include the unity of faiths, a ceiling on desires, selfless service, 5Ds, WATCH, etc.
  • Stories from Swami’s life, and other leaders, influencers.
  • Bhajans, and Prayers.
  • Fun hands-on activities.

Group 3 & 4

Lessons deepen and nourish the innate spirituality to help practice human values with love, confidence, and understanding.

  • Group 3 lessons will focus on the teachings of the Bhagavatam and how it applies to challenges today.
  • Group 4 lessons will focus on topics related to contact with conscience, prayer, leadership, and dharma.