“To instill in the minds of young the values of prayer and of the humility and loving service to others, the homes where they have grown have to be the first schools. The parents have to be imbued with faith in the basic truths of this Universal Religion” – SSS 5:335: Meeting of Headmasters, 3-4-67

The lasting effect of the SSE program upon the child depends upon parent involvement. What is taught in the SSE classroom is effective only if the parents support the teacher, the SSE activities, and are willing to reinforce the teachings at home.

What Does a Parent Program Do?

  • Provides a meaningful channel of communication and encourages mutual support between parents and teachers.
  • Enhances, reinforces and integrates at home what the children are experiencing in the SSE classroom
  • Builds a strong sense of family and community within the Center, with activities in which students, parents, and members participate
  • Assists parents in incorporating Baba’s teachings into the practice of parenting

What Is The Parent Program at the NESD Sai Center?